The Marathon Start: Watch Yourself

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The Marathon Start: Watch Yourself

At the start of a really big marathon, you'll be tightly packed with lots of other excited ru.nners. I've seen trip and fall at the start, and that's no way to start a 26.2-mile run.

Some last-minute tips for a safe start:

-Before you get to the start, make sure your shoelaces are double-knotted. You might not have room to bend over and do it once you get into the starting corral area.

-Watch your footing. Especially on a cold day, runners will be discarding extra clothes at the start. Ideally they will throw them off to the side, but that doesn't always work. Be careful that you don't slip on someone else's discarded trash bag.

-Be patient. There's no need for pushing and shoving at the start of a big marathon. That's what those timing chips are for. If you spend several minutes shuffling your way to the start before you start running, don't worry, it won't affect your time, and it's a good way to loosen up.

-Have fun!



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