Strong Backs for Short Races

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Strong Backs for Short Races

If short-distance running is your focus, you might think that you can power through a 5K or 10K without much cross training. But you are missing a chance to run better and feel better.

Make cross training part of your routine for short-distance running and you'll feel stronger and reduce your risk for injury. For example, try some back stretches as a way to introduce yourself to core strength training. An easy one is the locust pose. You need not be a yoga guru to do this one.

Here's how:

-Lie on your stomach on a mat, towel, or rug.

-Stretch your arms behind you, reaching towards your feet. If you can, interlace your fingers behind your back.

-Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, lift your legs and shoulders off the floor. Reach straight back with your arms and legs. If you're doing it right, you should feel your pelvic bones on the floor, so place a towel under your torso if this gets uncomfortable.

-Hold for 5 seconds. Relax. Repeat 2-3 times.



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