Don't Be Afraid to Return the Wrong Shoes

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Don't Be Afraid to Return the Wrong Shoes

Sometimes finding the running shoe that works for you takes some trial and error. It doesn't help when the shoe companies insist on changing the models. More often than not, the changes lead to better shoes, but sometimes one year's model of your favorite shoe lets you down. Maybe the design rubs your foot the wrong way, maybe it is now too wide or too narrow.

The key is not to make yourself wear an uncomfortable shoe because you feel you should. If your favorite model changes, you have some options.

-Explore new worlds: Check out other models that meet your criteria (high arches, need for orthotics, etc.) You might find a new favorite.

-Go back in time: Thanks to eBay, nothing is ever really gone, at least not for a while. If you know your size and model and aren't fussy about colors, you can likely find enough pairs of your favorite shoes on ebay to get you through until an updated shoe comes along that does work for you.



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