Don't Buy Into Brand Hype

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How should I choose my running shoes?

Don't Buy Into Brand Hype

Resist the temptation to buy a certain brand or style just because you like the color, or because your favorite sports star is wearing it. Wearing the wrong shoe style or size for your foot is one of the top causes of running injuries.

If you're new to running, new to marathoning, or experiencing foot pain, seek out a local specialty running store, rather than a chain store, and try some different shoes, and promise yourself to buy what fits your feet. no matter what color it is. The staff members at specialty running stores usually know their stuff and can help you choose a shoe.

Road Runner Sports (and some specialty running stores) will take shoes back and let you exchange them if you aren't happy with them once you have worn them for a few days, or a few weeks. Remember, you won't be looking at your feet while you are running, anyway, so if the right shoe for you is a color that clashes with your shorts, you won't see it most of the time. And the best news is, most shoe companies change the colors several times a year, so you'll only have those blaze orange Nikes for a few months.



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