Sports Massage: It's Worth It

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Is sports massage helpful for marathoners?

Sports Massage: It's Worth It

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned marathoner, your body is adjusting to more stress of a different type than it has experienced before. A sports massage isn't medically necessary, but your muscles will thank you, and you may be preventing injuries by promoting circulation and reducing stiffness during your training. Also, sports massage can be helpful when you are returning to running after an injury. Any injury causes scar tissue to form, which makes the injured area less flexible. Massaging that area breaks up some of the scar tissue and promotes circulation, which promotes healing.

Some insurance companies will cover sports massage or reimburse you if you have a flexible spending account, so investigate. Ask a fellow runner or a sports medicine professional to recommend a massage therapist who has had experience with athletes. A one-hour massage ranges from $60-$80, depending on where you live.

Some therapists will do half-hour sessions that focus only on the legs, but I recommend a full-body massage a day or two before the marathon. Your upper body gets tight when you run, too, and why not give your muscles every advantage?



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