Running Shirts: Choose Any Style In A Fabric With Substance

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What kind of shirt should I wear for marathon training?

Running Shirts: Choose Any Style In A Fabric With Substance

Depending on the weather and on your level of modesty, you will be running in a long-sleeved shirt, short-sleeved shirt, tank top, or just a sports bra. If you like V-neck t-shirts, choose one. If you like mock turtlenecks, that's fine. There's no right or wrong when it comes to style, but it is the substance of the shirt that counts.

Moisture-wicking fabrics are essential, especially in a shirt, since a shirt will be in direct contact with your skin. If you haven't worn moisture-wicking shirts to work out, you are in for a treat, and if you have, use your marathon training as an excuse to buy another one. You should have at least two long-sleeved moisture-wicking shirts and two-short sleeved shirts on hand, so no matter what the season, you have a dry shirt and a spare. These shirts aren't cheap, but you can find good deals if you shop around or buy long- or short-sleeves at the end of the season, when stores are bringing in new merchandise and catalogs such as and have clearance items. If you take care of your running shirts, they will last for years because they don't wear out as quickly as shorts or tights, which are subject to more friction.



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