If You Hurt, Get Help

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What should I do when I get hurt while training for a marathon?

If You Hurt, Get Help

It almost goes without saying, but if you experience any type of pain beyond the next-day soreness of a tough workout, if any muscles are visibly bruised, swollen, or warm, or if something just doesn't feel right, visit a sports medicine professional.

Experienced runners know that it is better to catch an injury early, identify the cause, and solve the problem then to keep running with chronic pain. There's no point in being stubborn and allowing something to get worse and sidetrack your training. The majority of running injuries are easy to correct and you can prevent them from recurring. Don't be afraid to go to a podiatrist, orthopedist, or other sports medicine professional. The right person will not say, “Just stop running.” He or she will help you keep running, or modify your workouts until you heal.

  • If your feet are bothering you, start with a podiatrist. Ask runners you know or check with a local running store or club to find someone who treats runners.
  • If your knees, hips, or back are the problem, try an orthopedist or a sports medicine specialist.
  • Some people have great success with chiropractors for help in managing minor knee, hip, and foot problems. Make sure you get a recommendation from a friend or colleague, fellow runner, or another sports medicine professional.



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