Don't Run On Empty

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Should I eat before I run?

Don't Run On Empty

To prepare for daily runs, even for distances of 5 miles or so, you'll probably feel better if you eat something before you go out. What you have, and how much, depends in part on the time of day when you run. I'm a morning runner, and so most of the time I have a banana, and I confess that I do sometimes eat something sugary if it's available. I have a sweet tooth, and I know a piece or two of Halloween candy won't bother me on a short run.

Before my long training runs, I like to squirt some honey on the banana for extra quick energy. Bananas have long been a favorite of endurance athletes because they digest easily and provide potassium for your hard-working muscles. And the honey provides sugar and carbs for quick energy and nice flavor.

Try some different snacks during your training runs to see what makes you feel the most energetic. If caffeine disagrees with you, avoid it, or introduce caffeinated gels or drinks gradually.



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