Don't Forget Your Upper Body

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How can I stretch my tight shoulders to help my running?

Don't Forget Your Upper Body

Runners naturally focus on their legs and feet, but running tightens the muscles of the arms, back, and shoulders, too. Don't neglect these muscles. You want to have a full range of motion in your arms when running a marathon because even if you don't realize it, your upper body strength will help keep you going when you're tired.

Try this simple triceps stretch.

  • Reach your right arm overhead and then bend it at the elbow so your right hand reaches down towards your shoulder blades.
  • Reach up and grasp your right elbow with your left hand and gently pull your elbow down, creating a stretch in your triceps and upper shoulder.
  • Don't pull hard on your elbow; this is a gentle stretch.
  • Hold it while you count to 15.
  • Release your arms and repeat on the other side.



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