A Lacing Trick for High Insteps

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A Lacing Trick for High Insteps

Some runners with high insteps find the pressure from shoelaces uncomfortable. This little trick relieves pressure on your high instep, but still provides a secure fit.

Lace your running shoes with a normal criss-cross to just below the halfway point. Then put the laces straight up through the next two sets of eyelets – no crossing over the tongue. Finally, criss-cross the laces through the remaining eyelets normally. This results in “gap” in the center, which puts less pressure on your instep.



10/30/2009 11:38:32 AM
Sherry said:

I am a beginning runner and the tops of my feet have been hurting. Mom has arthritis in the tops of her feet, so I figured that's what it was. Just changed my laces and my feet feel GREAT. Thank you!!

11/7/2009 10:27:02 PM
Heidi said:

I'm so glad the tip helped you! I hope you continue to enjoy running!


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