Top Runners' Snacks

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Top Runners' Snacks

As a runner, you can get away with eating some junk food… but an empty calorie is an empty calorie. Your body runs best of quality fuel, so the next time hunger strikes, consider one of these snacks instead of chips or a fast food burger:
• Bagel with peanut butter. Carbs, quality protein and heart-healthy fats. What's not to like?
• Plain yogurt with fresh fruit. Live cultures and fiber are good for the digestive system.
• Homemade trail mix. This'll satisfy your sweet tooth. Make it with unsalted nuts, and there's no sodium penalty.
• Banana. Quality carbs – and the potassium helps prevent cramps. Add a peanut butter for protein.
• Soy smoothie. Vanilla soy milk, your favorite fresh fruit, ice and a dash of honey, all in a blender.



4/19/2011 6:03:22 AM
Martin Boyd said:

Are salted nuts acceptable as a snack?

4/23/2011 1:48:10 PM
Heidi said:

Hi Martin,

Yes, salted nuts are an acceptable snack. Almost all types of nuts, including peanuts, almonds, and walnuts, provide protein, as well as chromium and other nutrients that runners need. That said, it's best not to overdo the salt, so look for "lightly salted" nuts. Another tip: buy a jar of lightly salted and a jar of unsalted nuts and mix them together in a larger jar or plastic container. You'll still get some of the salt flavor, but it will be more spread out.


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