Tips for Car Trips

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Tips for Car Trips

Runners travel for business and pleasure, just like anyone else. If your travels confine you to the car for long periods, such as summer vacation trips with the family, try to fit some of these stretches into your rest stops:

-Calf stretch. Especially if you have been doing the driving, grab a wall or tree and stretch both calves while the car is filling with gas.

-Hamstring stretch. Waiting for your drink or snack order? Put your foot up on an empty chair and stretch your hamstring. Only have time for one leg? Make it your driving leg.

-Quad stretch. Waiting for the restroom? Use a wall for support and sneak in a quad stretch on each leg.

-Shoulder rolls. While walking back to the car, roll your shoulders to open up the chest before you get back behind the wheel again.



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