Unhappy With Your Shoes? Try New Ones Off-Season

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Unhappy With Your Shoes? Try New Ones Off-Season

Any runners, beginners and veterans alike, have had a pair of running shoes that they aren't happy with. Ideally, you find a shoe you love and it keeps returning year after year with few modifications.

But if you have had injuries during the summer and fall, look to your shoes. It might be that even though your shoes feel good, they aren't right for your foot type. Motion control shoes might seem cushiony, but if you have high arches and you are experiencing plantar fasciitis, a cusioned shoe with less motion control might help.

Winter is a great time to try a different style of shoe. If you aren't sure what shoe is right for your foot, visit a specialty running store or the roadrunnersports.com website for advice. Also, if you have a persistent foot or knee injury, bring your running shoes with you and show them to your doctor. He or she can often identify problems and make suggestions for better shoes.



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