Strategic Sports Massage Can Help with Marathon Training

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Strategic Sports Massage Can Help with Marathon Training

If you are a beginning marathoner several months into your marathon training, you are probably experiencing some soreness and stiffness as your muscles adapt to the longer distances and tougher workouts. A month or so before your marathon can be a great time for a sports massage.

Be sure to keep in mind that sports massage is more intensive than a relaxation massage--someone will be putting pressure on the tight spots to break up knotty muscles, and that can hurt, but that's normal.

If you haven't had a sports massage before, you might feel a slightly different soreness for a day or so, but then you should feel re-energized to make it through the last few long runs before you start tapering for your marathon. If you get hooked on sports massage, schedule another one for a few days before the marathon.

Ask other runners to recommend a sports massage therapist in your area, or check out the American Massage Therapy Association's "find a massage therapist" database.



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