Ice With Veggies

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What is the best way to apply ice to an injured area?

Ice With Veggies

Almost any running injury, major or minor, will feel better if you put ice on the area. You can buy commercial ice packs, but a bag of frozen peas is the most effective ice pack available because it conforms easily to the shape of your foot, leg, elbow, or any other injured area. You can reuse the same bag until it falls apart. Just make sure to label the peas with a marker of some sort so no one cooks and eats them by mistake!

The most effective way to ice an injury is to apply ice to the injured area at 10-15 minute intervals. After 15-20 minutes, the ice pack starts to warm up and lose its effectiveness, so return it to the freezer and ice the spot again in a few hours. Put ice on an injury as soon as possible after activity, or any time that is convenient.



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