Post-Race Protocol

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What do I need to do after the marathon?

Post-Race Protocol

After the marathon, congratulate yourself! You made it to the finish line and that is an accomplishment, regardless of your finishing time. Your first acts should include drinking some water or other liquid, turning in your timing chip (if chips are being used) and retrieving your bag. And wrap up in the lightweight “space blankets” that most marathon volunteers will give you at the finish along with your finisher's medal. You'll be surprised how quickly you can develop a chill, even on a warm day. If the marathon is using timing chips, race volunteers are almost always available at the finish to help you remove the chip from your shoe. Make sure to turn in your chip or your time won't be recorded!

If you are ill or injured, look for the medical tent. If you are not ill or injured, get the free post-race massage if it is available, and if you can make the time. Even smaller marathons often have volunteers from local massage schools or physical therapy practices who have set up a tent to tend to marathoners. Ideally, retrieve your bag first, so you can put on something dry while standing in line. You will usually get about 7-10 minutes of easy massage on your legs, back, and shoulders (you stay dressed for this). Even a few minutes of massage helps promote circulation and restores your tired muscles, and you will feel less stiff the next day. If you're traveling home from the marathon by plane, the massage is an especially good idea because nothing promotes stiff legs like sitting in an airplane seat.



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