Choosing the Right Running Shoe

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Choosing the Right Running Shoe

Different running shoes are designed for different biomechanical needs, and matching a shoe to your needs can be a little intimidating at first. That's where the “shoe finder” comes in. A running shoe finder is simply a system that helps you select a type of shoe that best fits your body's needs and your style of running. An online search will reveal many options. Shoe finders from magazines are generally the least biased. Large retailers come next – though they only list the shoes they carry. Manufacturers only list their own shoes, so their finders are of limited help. To use the finder, enter answers to a few simple questions (sex, weight, etc.), and the finder will return (usually) several shoes of the type best suited for you. Make a note of the models the finder suggests. Try several finders, and note which shoes are recommended time and again. Finally, visit a good running shoe dealer, and try on as many of the recommended models as possible. Jog around the store in each one that fits well, and select the model that's most comfortable.



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