Get More from Salad: Mix it Up

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Get More from Salad: Mix it Up

Are you making salad with one type of lettuce? Although green is always good, mixing several types of greens in your salad is even better. If you are making salad for a family of four, or if you just really like salad, buy bunches of several different greens, such as romaine, radicchio, curly endive, kale, and spinach, and you'll probably use them before they get wilted.

If you are planning meals for just one or two people, there has been a vast improvement in the quality of packaged mixed green salads available in the produce departments of most grocery stores. Look for the organic varieties; they are less likely to have any type of preservatives that might cause digestive troubles. But do pay attention to the expiration date--and try to eat these salads within a week of purchase.



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