Get Long Run Ready

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Get Long Run Ready

Long runs are an important part of marathon training. If you are new to marathons, you might wonder how to keep focused on a long run.

Here are some ideas:

-Bring your tunes: Personally, I don't like listening to music while running, but if you do, there's no reason not to pick your favorite tunes for a long run. Alternatively, download a podcast or two that you have been meaning to listen to. Three 1-hour shows and you've probably covered most of your 20-mile run.

-Bring fluid. Even if it's cool, you don't want to do a 20-mile run without water or your sports drink of choice. If you don't like carrying it on you,plan your long run as repeating several loops, and plant a bottle in a stratgegic location that you will run by 4-5 times.

-Bring a friend. If you have a running buddy who can do the long runs with you, great. If not, ask a friend or spouse to come along on a bike (you can let them carry the water, and the conversation).



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