Enjoy Late Summer Produce: Tomato Tips

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Enjoy Late Summer Produce: Tomato Tips

If your tomato plants are thriving, or if you have access to a local farm stand, don't miss out on fresh summer tomatoes.

Tomatoes are great sources of nutrition for runners and anyone else. Some ideas for enjoying fresh tomatoes:

-Straight: Just wash, slice, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, and enjoy.

-BLT: The classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is classic for a reason. Note: Toast your bread to better support the juicy tomatoes. Not a bacon eater? A lettuce and tomato sandwich in summer is equally good. Add a slice of cheese for some protein.

-Pasta: Instead of spaghetti sauce from a jar, slather your summertime spaghetti with chopped tomatoes and parmesan cheese. Add some basil for effect.



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