Don't Risk Knee Injuries in Old Running Shoes

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Don't Risk Knee Injuries in Old Running Shoes

Not to be too hard on the guys out there, but if you run in shoes that are so worn out that the treads are smooth and the padding inside the heel is worn through, you may be at increased risk for knee injuries. And if you do get hurt, it may be more serious for you than for your female counterparts. Reseach presented at the annual meeting of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine suggests that men with ACL injuries have more cartilage lesions than women, which can increase the risk for osteoarthritis later in life.

While you can't guarantee injury freedom by replacing your shoes, you can make your joints happier by replacing your running shoes after 350-500 miles. Can't bear to part with them? Save a pair for yard work, and donate others to a good cause, such as Soles for Souls.

Your joints will thank you, and so will the good cause!



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