At the Gym, Form and Focus Matter

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At the Gym, Form and Focus Matter

When you hit the gym for cross-training, whether it is a weight circuit, yoga class, or riding a stationary bike, you'll get the most from your workout by focusing on your form.

It's fine to bring the iPod along for the weight circuit, but be sure that you aren't so distracted that you can't count reps, and concentrate on going through the full range of motion.

Doing yoga? Part of the challenge of yoga is the focus--think about the instructor's directions, not about what kind of day you had at work, so you get get the most from each yoga pose or series of poses.

Concentration isn't as important if you are using an elliptical trainer or stationary bike, but it is important to take a minute before you go into your zone and be sure that the pedals and other aspects of the machine are set properly for your height, leg length, and comfort.

Pay attention to your cross training, and it will pay off for your fitness.



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