Easy Shoulder Opener

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Easy Shoulder Opener

As if tight leg muscles weren't enough, runners often suffer from tight shoulders. Shoulders might not seem like the most important part of a runner's anatomy, but it is worth tuning in to your shoulders and giving them some extra attention now and then.

Here's why: If your shoulders are opend and loose, you'll be able to run more naturally and engage your arms and shoulders more effectively, so they can help you keep going in the later miles of the marathon.

Try this easy shoulder opener:

-Roll up a towel or yoga mat as tightly as possible so it forms a roll.

-Place the roll horizontally below your shoulder blades and lie on your back, feet straight in front of you and your arms relaxed.

-Stay in this position for at least a minute, and you should feel an openness in the front of your chest. That loosening might not seem like much, but you'll notic the difference, especially if you can stay in place for closer to 3 minutes.



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