Use Bad Weather as An Excuse To Try New Workouts

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Use Bad Weather as An Excuse To Try New Workouts

If you are stuck in an area that has been hit hard by winter weather, you are frustrataed. Frustrated runners who can't run can be hard to live with, so try these tips for coping with bad weather:

-Do more housework. If you are stuck inside due and can't run due to bad weather, give yourself a little more indoor activity, such as doing laudry or cleaning the bathroom.

-Take a nap. Naps are underrated for distance runners. Enjoy part of your snowbound day indoors by setting aside a half and hour for an afternoon nap. You might be surprised how good you feel.

-Walk outside. Take a walk if the sidewalks are passable. Or even if they aren't walking through the snow (wear boots with some support) can be a great form of cross training, and it might be your only way out if you have plans for before the plows come through.



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