Marathon Day: Don't Overdress

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Marathon Day: Don't Overdress

It's worth taking some extra time to prepare your marathon day gear bag and pack some things to keep you comfortable during the pre-race wait and in the early miles on a cold morning.

-Extra shirt: If you have an old t-shirt or undershirt that you can part with, wear it over your race shirt at the start, and pitch it at a water stop once you warm up.

-Extra gloves: Bring an old pair of gloves or old socks to the start. Warm hands can help you feel warm all over, and help you resist the urge to overdress. For example, if the temperature at the start of the race is in the 40s, but you know it will be in the 60s when you finish, a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of throwaway gloves might be a better choice than a long-sleeved shirt.



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