Marathon Day Gear: The Essentials and More

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Marathon Day Gear: The Essentials and More

When packing your bag for marathon day, think not only about the race, but before and after. Of course, the most important items for race day are your running shoes, socks, race clothes timing chip (if there is one), and race number.

But a bit more thought can make your pre- and post-marathon time more pleasant.

Some items to bring along include warmup top and pants, if it is chilly, and a dry shirt if it is on the warm side, a dry pair of socks, in case of rain (which can double as throwaway gloves if it is chilly), and a warm hat/earband to put on after the race. I also recommend bringing a second pair of shoes, either old running shoes or other casual shoes. You'll be checking that bag anyway, and your feet will be happy to slip into something else after the marathon.



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