Adapt Your Marathon Schedule for Fall

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Adapt Your Marathon Schedule for Fall

Changing from summer to fall often means a change in schedule. Things might pick up at work, children are back in school, and the days are getting shorter. You should be in the middle of your fall marathon training at this point, thinking about tapering soon if your marathon is in late Sept. or early Oct.

If changing schedules challenge your marathon training plans, take the time to look at the fall calendar a few weeks in advance. Enlist some help to take the kids to soccer practice on Saturday morning so you can get that last long run in. Or enjoy the option of doing your run in the midmorning, once the kids are off to school, and the temperatures aren't shooting up the way they did in the summer.

Remember that as marathon training plans are meant to be modified, and with some planning, you can change your schedule with the seasons and be just as ready for marathon day.



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