Maintain Marathon Training When Hot Weather Hits

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Maintain Marathon Training When Hot Weather Hits

When summer weather really sizzles, remember that marathon training schedules aren't written in stone. If you see that it is going to be up near 100 degrees on a given Saturday, take your planned 16- to 20-mile run down to a 13-miler, bring plenty of water, and do your longer run on the next weekend, or even if you get two bad weeks in a row, two weeks of 13-milers as a long run won't hurt your marathon training, either.

Even if your marathon is in the early fall, if you have been able to get several weeks of 13- to 16-milers for your long runs, you can get in a 20 a few weeks before your marathon and you should be in good shape, whether you are a beginning marathoner or more experienced.

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