Personalize Your Post-Marathon Recovery

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Personalize Your Post-Marathon Recovery

Recovering from a marathon is as personalized as training for one. Some marathon programs advocate taking a week off from running after a marathon, or doing a "reverse taper" to build up your mileage again.

As with marathon training, no single marathon recovery plan is right for everyone. If you are a beginning marathoner, give yourself a few days of easy walking and some short runs during that first week.

More experienced marathoners who know what to expect might take a day or two off and get back on the road. Some people will go for marathons on two or more consecutive weekends, with a few shorter easy runs during the week between, but I recommend getting a few focused marathons under your belt before trying that.

The bottom line: Marathon recovery is about doing what feels good, whether it is walking, running, swimming, yoga, sports massage, or all of the above, so you feel good about the marathon and maybe even think about another one!



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