List Your Marathon Gear Before You Pack

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List Your Marathon Gear Before You Pack

When you are traveling out of town for a marathon, a packing list is essential. You're psyched up and ready to run, it's hard to think it all through and remember everything without a list!

Make a list of all your gear, including shoes, socks, orthotics, warmup/cooldown clothes.

And don't forget "accessories: Sunblock, chapstick, pain relievers (if you like to carry Advil, or rub muscle gel such as Biofreeze on your legs before a marathon, put it on the list).

Marathons will have water stops, but if you are carrying your own water or sports drink, don't forget your water bottle belt pack, and bring along your power gel or fuel of choice. You can almost always buy something at a race expo, but it might not be what you are used to.

Check off the items on the list as you pack them, and you'll be able to relax and focus on having a great run.



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