Almost Like Running Barefoot

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Almost Like Running Barefoot

A few years ago when the Nike Free [running] shoes came out, they were seen as the closest you could get to running barefoot. But now, if you truly want a [barefoot running] experience, the Vibram Five Fingers is the shoe for you.

These shoes consist of a minimal stretch upper with a slot for each toe, to further mimic the effect of running barefoot. But the Five Fingers also protect your feet from glass, rocks, and tree roots with a trademark Vibram rubber sole that is durable, yet flexible.

The Vibram Five Fingers are available in several models, including some with Velcro straps for extra stability.



6/23/2011 4:40:44 PM
Brandon said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Vibram FiveFingers come out BEFORE the Nike Frees?

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