The Care And Feeding Of Running Shoes

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What's the best way to dry my running shoes when they get wet?

The Care And Feeding Of Running Shoes

You ask a lot of your running shoes when you are training for a marathon, so get the most out of them by treating them right. When you finish a run, remove your orthotics (if you have them) and keep them somewhere other than inside the shoes. This allows both orthotics and shoes to dry out, which will help them last longer than if they are perpetually damp.

When your shoes are wet, either from excessive sweat or a rainy run, stuff a page or two of newspaper in each shoe and leave it there. When you go to put your shoes on the next day, pull out the paper and you'll find that the paper is damp but your shoes will be dry. Don't put running shoes in the washer and dryer. If your shoes are dirty and muddy enough to bother you, use an old toothbrush or rag and scrub them off in a sink, and allow them to air dry (or use the newspaper technique). The hot air dryer will speed up the breakdown of the shoes' material, and you'll be wearing them out soon enough.



8/25/2009 10:10:10 PM
Jeanne said:

I have on several occasions washed my running shoes in the washing machine on gentle cycle with out any problems. I take out the laces and innersoles and I rub SHOUT stain removal all over the shoes put in the wash with regular detergent ( gasp!) I then air dry them with newspapers stuffed in the shoes.
I agree though I would never put them in the dryer.

8/27/2009 10:27:00 PM
Heidi said:

Thanks for the comment/suggestion. I think most running shoes hold up well enough in the washer--after all, who hasn't run in the rain? But it's the dryer heat that can break down the components.



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