Don't Knock Your Socks

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Are expensive running socks worth the money?

Don't Knock Your Socks

You can get away with almost any sport sock if you’re running a few miles, but if you’re training for a marathon, your feet will thank you if you don’t skimp on socks. Good quality padded, moisture-wicking socks will last for a few years (believe it or not), depending on how much you wear them, and it is worth the money to get a few pairs. Some running socks have additional padding in the heel and forefoot, which makes them more comfortable for those 20-mile training runs. If you have orthotics and you need to remove the cushioned insole that comes in your shoes, padded socks can replace some of that lost cushioning. The moisture-wicking trait is especially important because sweaty or wet feet are more likely to blister. When you are trying on a new make or model of shoes, bring the socks that you usually train in with you, and see how they fit. For the marathon, thick socks are a good bet. Unless you are running at a 6-minute pace and wearing lightweight racing shoes, thicker socks will provide some additional cushioning over the long miles of the marathon.



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