Protect Your Knees When Stretching Your Quads

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How can I stretch my quads without hurting my knees?

Protect Your Knees When Stretching Your Quads

To gently stretch your quadriceps (the large muscles of the thighs) and protect your knees, try a standing quad stretch.

  • Start by standing on the right foot and bending your left knee.
  • Reach back and grasp your left foot with your right hand. This technique keeps the knee bent at a more natural angle than if you grasp the left foot with the left hand, and you protect the knee from excessive stress.
  • Hold the stretch comfortably and count to 30.
  • Be sure to stand next to a wall or sturdy table, chair, or railing that you can hold for balance.
Strong quads are important for marathon runners because the quads support the knees and keep them stable, especially when running downhill.



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