Use Props To Help Stretch Tight Hamstrings

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How can I stretch tight hamstrings?

Use Props To Help Stretch Tight Hamstrings

Runners tend to develop tight hamstrings (the large muscles on the backs of the legs) because these muscles do much of the work in distance running. There are many ways to stretch the hamstrings, but you only need to do one or two exercises during any single stretching routine. Try this hamstring exercise for a good hamstring stretch.

  • Start standing up and place the heel of one foot on a bench, chair, or table, at a height that lets you comfortably keep the raised leg straight. If you feel a strain, place your foot on something lower.
  • Keep your standing leg fairly straight, but don't lock your knee.
  • Keep your standing foot pointing straight ahead in a normal running or walking position.
  • Look straight ahead and slowly bend forward from the waist until you feel a stretch in the back of your thigh.
  • Hold it for a count of 10, then relax, and try again. Remember:
  • Don't bounce; stretch gently and relax. Repeat with the other leg.
If standing on one leg makes you uncomfortable, you can stretch your hamstrings while sitting on the floor.

  • Start with one leg straight out in front of you.
  • Bend your other knee and place your foot against the inner thigh of the straight leg; your bent knee will drop towards the floor.
  • Reach forward and grasp your toes or foot if you can. If this is difficult, or impossible, wrap a towel or belt around the ball of your foot and use that to help pull your chest forward. Bend from the hips, not from the lower back.
  • Don't pull hard on the belt or towel; just use it as a guide.
  • Find a gentle feeling of stretch and hold for a count of 10 and relax.
  • Try the stretch a second time and you may find that you can comfortably stretch a bit more.
  • Repeat with the other leg.



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