Stationary Biking Builds Leg Strength With Less Stress

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Can I ride a stationary bike to help with my marathon training?

Stationary Biking Builds Leg Strength With Less Stress

If you can’t run because of an injury or bad weather, riding a stationary bike is a cross-training option that is available at most gyms. Biking is a good alternative to running if you have a foot injury because you aren’t putting much pressure on your feet. Biking is also a safe alternative exercise for some knee and hip injuries, as well. Even if you aren’t injured, biking is a great supplemental activity to running because you can pedal at a brisk pace and build leg strength without the additional pressure on your joints. You can design your own tempo workout on a bike by pedaling at about 80% of your maximum effort for 2 minutes, then easy for 2 minutes, and repeat several times. Steady pedaling will build length strength, too. Spinning is a different type of cross training on a bike that involves high-speed pedaling and it is a more intense workout than steady biking. If you take part in a spinning class, your legs will be as tired as they would be if you did speed work on a track. If that appeals to you, try it, but be ready to sweat. Before you start any type of biking, be sure to adjust the seat. The right seat height feels comfortable, and you should not be straining to reach the pedals. Your knees should not bend more than a 90-degree angle while you are pedaling, and you should have a slight bend in your knee when your leg is extended. If the seat is set incorrectly, you could set yourself up for an injury because you are stressing your legs in an unnatural position.



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