A Lacing Trick for Loose Heels

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A Lacing Trick for Loose Heels

Loose heels - in a running shoe that otherwise fits perfectly - is a common complaint amongst runners. While you don't want to run in a shoe if the heels are sloppy, here's a way to get around a minor fit issue: “lock lacing.”

Lace your shoes normally until there are only two eyelets open. Bring your laces up through each of the lower eyelets, and then down through the eyelet immediately above. Your laces should now form a series of X's topped by a pair of I's.

Next, pass each lace under the I on the opposite side. Now, when you tighten and tie the shoe, it will naturally tighten up the heel slightly. This system also stays tightly tied better than traditional lacing.

The only downside is that you'll find lock lacing is harder to loosen, too.



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