A Quick Lesson in Shoe Anatomy

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A Quick Lesson in Shoe Anatomy

Today, men's running shoes are pretty technical. But they also have a lot in common with most others. Here's a quick-and-dirty tour of the major pats of a men's running shoe:

• The Upper. This is the fabric or leather portion of the shoe that encloses the top and sides of your foot from heel to toe.

• Inner Sole. The inner sole is the (usually) removable padded liner that cradles your foot.

• Mid-sole. This is the shoe's workhorse, and contains the cushioning layers and devices (if any).

• Outer sole. This is where the rubber meets the road – literally. It's the bottom surface of your shoe.

• Heel counter. This is a stiff (usually fiberboard or plastic) insert that cups the heel.

• Toe Box. The forward portion of the shoe that encloses your toes.

• Last. The “frame” on which the shoe was built. It's also used to describe the way the shoe was constructed – either with a board, fabric (slip), or a combination of both beneath the innersole.



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