Buy a Shoe Built for Your Needs

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Buy a Shoe Built for Your Needs

Running shoes have three basic internal structures. Most running shoes are built in one of three ways: with a board-last, a slip-lasted or a combination-last. To see which type of last a shoe has, simply pull out the inner sole.

A stiff cardboard-like material running the length of the shoe is a board-last. This design works well for runners who need maximum stability.

If fabric is stitched together up the length of the shoe, it's slip-lasted. Slip-lasted shoes provide maximum flexibility, and are ideal for neutral runners.

Combination-lasted shoes are a compromise that offers more stability than a slip-lasted shoe, but less than one with a board last. In a combination-lasted shoe, a “board” is used in the rear portion of the shoe, while the front is slip-lasted.



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