Special Shoe Considerations for Women

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Special Shoe Considerations for Women

Women have many of the same considerations as men when it comes to selecting a good running shoe. But they also have some unique needs.

• Wider hips. A woman's relatively wider hips mean that overpronation is more common in women than men. This means that women runners are more likely to benefit from running shoes that control overpronation.

• Bone mass. While running helps promotes denser bones, women – especially older women – are particularly prone to osteoporosis. For this reason, women may want to consider a more cushioned shoe to reduce the shock transmitted to the ankles and legs.

• Narrow feet. Women's feet tend to be narrower than men's, and – nowadays - women's running shoes are designed accordingly. If you're tempted by a small shoe in a men's style because it's on clearance, be prepared for it not to fit, even if the length is right.

• Weight. Women tend to weigh less than men. And lighter runners can often train in lightweight running shoes. This is good news, because lightweight running shoes tend to be more comfortable for more miles than other shoes.



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