AAOS News: Knee Replacements Common, Protect Yours

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AAOS News: Knee Replacements Common, Protect Yours

Did you know that 4.5 million Americans have had total knee replacements? It's true, according to data presented at the 2012 meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Here's the press release from the AAOS website:


The technology of knee replacements has greatly improved, but runners should still take care to protect their knees.

To help keep your knees healthy, try strengthening your quadriceps with regular exercises that specifically target them.

Try this easy exercise, which you can even do at work:

Seated Quad Contractions

Sit on a chair and extend your legs. Let your heels touch the floor, and keep your knees straight.

-Tighten both thigh muscles and hold for a count of 10.

-Loosen the thigh muscles and relax for a count of 3.

-Do 10 repetitions to complete 1 set.



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