Prep Your Feet For Marathon Day

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Prep Your Feet For Marathon Day

In addition to making sure you have your favorite shoes and socks for marathon day, take time to prepare your feet as well.

A few days before your marathon, examine your feet for any callouses and file them down a bit (you can buy foot files at most drug stores). You will reduce the friction between your foot and your sock.

Also, be sure to put bandaids on any painful blisters on the morning of the marathon. You might have some new ones to go with them by the end.

And don't forget to trim your toenails. A long or uneven nail is more likely to become bruised, resulting in the infamous "black toenail" that will be with you for months after a marathon before it falls off.

Be as good to your feet as you can, and they will be good to you for 26.2 miles!



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