Get Good Marathon Day Gear

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Get Good Marathon Day Gear

You may think a lot about your marathon running shoes, but don't undestimate the importance of the rest of your gear in keeping you comfortable. After all, even the fastest marathoners are out there in the elements for a couple of hours, and most of us are out there for longer than that.

Whether you wear long sleeves or short, tights, shorts, or capris, make sure you have running clothes made of moisture-wicking fabric. All the running gear by major manufacturers meets this criterion, so choose whatever styles and colors appeal from Nike, Brooks, Asics, UnderArmour, Champion, you get the idea.

Just remember that this is not the time to wear your sentimental favorite tshirt from the first local 5K you ran a few years ago. Wear that shirt with pride as casual wear, but for the marathon, go moisture-wicking.



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