Don't Neglect Your Back

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Don't Neglect Your Back

When you think of running injuries, back pain isn't usually what comes to mind. But keeping your back strong helps with overall core strength, and that's what can help pull you through those last miles of the marathon. If you don't already have some back exercises in your stretching and strengthening routine, try this simple stretch, sometimes called the Cobra Pose or Sphinx Pose in yoga classes:

-Lie on your stomach (on a rug, towel or mat.

-Place your forearms flat on the floor, with your elbows lined up under your shoulders, as you press down on your forearms and raise your head, shoulders, and upper torso. Keep your stomach muscles relaxed.

-Hold for 10-20 seconds and lower back to the floor. Start with one rep, and repeat 2-3 times once or twice a week, or as desired, as you feel more comfortable with the position.

You should feel a gentle stretch in your lower back.



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