Winter Layering: Head and Neck

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Winter Layering: Head and Neck

Everyone has their own comfort zone when it comes to cold weather running. But there is almost always a point at which even the toughest cold-weather runners want something to protect the head and/or neck. Fortunately, running gear and apparel has evolved to choices that let you protect your head, neck, or both.

-Head and neck : For extremely cold weather running, consider a full hood that covers your ears, head, and neck with one item.

Pros: You only have one thing to put on. Cons: If it isn't that cold, you might find the full hood too hot on a long run, but there's no good compromise for ventilation; if you push back the hood, your ears and the top of your head will be exposed, which might be too much.

-Head only: There are many microfiber running hats available,even some with holes for ponytails. Earbands are another option, especially for ponytailed runners.

-Neck only: If you are comfortable with a bare head and ears but want to feel cozier on a winter run, try a neck gaiter. It helps fill in any gaps around the neck of your jacket without adding much bullk.



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