The Role of Cushioning in Running Socks

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The Role of Cushioning in Running Socks

My recent blog includes my opinion of the new Thor-lo Experia running socks. I like them for walking and casual wear, but I think I prefer more cushioning in running socks.

That said, when you are shopping for running socks, consider what type of running you do. If you are training for a marathon, you might want to try a sock with plenty of cushioning, especially if you wear orthotics. But if you are doing 5k or 10k runs in light racing shoes, cushioning in your sock is less important, and you might prefer the light feel of a thinner sock.

The Thor-lo Experia attempts to combine the best of both worlds, but only you know what is best for your feet. You might find that a sock with strategic cushioning in the heel and toe, such as the Experia sock, is just right for your racing shoes, or you might appreciate the padding for your long runs. There's no right answer, so try some different styles to determine what works best for you.



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