Turkey Trots: Short Races, Low Stress

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Turkey Trots: Short Races, Low Stress

I read recently that Thanksgiving is the most popular day for road races in the U.S. And with good reason. Some of the benefits of a turkey trot:

-short distance: Most turkey trots are in the 5K to 10K range. That's a workable short-distance running race that runners of a range of experience and fitness levels can enjoy. So if you are visiting family or friends, you might get several people to join you for the race.

-low stress: Most turkey trots have an especially festive atmosphere. You might see some people getting a jump on the holidays and wearing Santa hats, etc. And some races are unusual distances, such as 4K or 8K, so there's no pressure to compare your times to those of your last 5K or 10K

-spiffy shirt. If you are lucky, you will get a t-shirt with a turkey pictured on it somewhere.

-extra credit. If you're like me, you are happy to be able to justify your extra pie by saying "well, I ran this morning."

Happy Thanksgiving!



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