Banishing Blisters

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Banishing Blisters

Runners get blisters. It's a fact. No matter how well your shoes fit, or what kind of socks you wear, sometime over the course of your running life, you'll get a blister or two.

Fortunately, most blisters go away on their own. Cover them with a Band-Aid before a run, and you shouldn't be too uncomfortable.

But for stubborn, painful blisters, you can drain them yourself. Swab the area with rubbing alcohol. Swab a pin with rubbing alcohol. Have a kleenex ready. Poke the fullest part of the blister and blot up the fluid that drains out. Then put a Band-Aid over the spot.

If you reguarly have painful blisters, you might be wearing the wrong type of shoes for your foot. Ask a specialist in a running store, or see a podiatrist who regularly treats runners to assess your feet and help you banish blisters.



4/26/2010 11:40:54 AM
Alex said:

Hi Heidi,

I found this to be a helpful link as well for preventing the running problems: However, thanks for the tips on blisters! It is always useful!

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Heidi said:

Hi Alex,

Thanks, this is a great link.


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