Basic First Aid Revisited

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What is RICE and does it work to treat injuries?

Basic First Aid Revisited

Most people know the maxim RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. This basic first-aid principle applies to most running injuries.

From a runner's perspective, rest can mean no running, or it can mean a shorter run. Ice means putting ice on the sore spot, using an Ace bandage for compression and for holding the ice pack in place. Elevation may not be possible depending on the injury, but if you have a foot injury and you can spend 20 minutes lying down with your foot elevated above the level of your heart, you will promote circulation and help with healing. I would add an M to this acronym, for mobility. Once the swelling decreases, start some stretching exercises to increase the circulation to the injured area and cut down on the formation of scar tissue.



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