Painkillers: The Power Of Three

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Should I take painkillers when I have a running injury?

Painkillers: The Power Of Three

If you have an acute injury or a flare-up of a chronic problem, and ibuprofen doesn't both you, take 3 Advil 3 times daily for 3 days. I'm not a doctor, but my podiatrist recommended this regimen to me for an acute tendon inflammation that I suffered after a marathon, so I do have legitimate medical backing for this tip, as well as personal experience. After three days, the inflammation was significantly reduced. After three days, drop the dosage down to one or two Advil daily for another day or two, and then discontinue the Advil; it's not something to take daily for an extended period of time. If your injury doesn't seem to improve after three days, see a sports medicine professional.



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